Family members did not consider the priceless vase to be of any use, now sold for 11 crore 53 lakhs

There are many times in the world such shocking incidents that our senses are blown away after knowing. Something similar happened recently. In fact, a vase (Flower Wask) remains the topic of discussion at the moment. Which is said to be of the 18th century. And this Chinese vase has been with a family for the last four decades and they do not think of any use. However, this family does not know that what they think is junk, the vase can make them millionaires. This vase was owned by a family living in the Midlands of the UK. According to the information received, the family bought this vase in the 1980s because they found it very attractive to look at.

They were just using it for decoration in the house. But after a light crack in this vase, the family decided to remove it from the kitchen and keep it in the dining room. After the sight of an antique expert here, the family came to know the importance of this vase. The color of this two feet long vase is blue. On the base (lower part) of this antique vase made of silver and gilt is the 6-letter seal of the time of 18th century King Qianlong. It will be surprising to know that gold and silver work has been done in this royal vase.

Not only this but it has been placed on it 'eight immortal' symbols which are considered to be a symbol of longevity and prosperity in the house. The price of this vase was currently being said to be up to 1 crore 44 lakh rupees, but a Super Reach Chinese bought it for 1.2 million pounds (about 11 crore 53 lakh rupees). In fact, he says that he is very happy to have his lost legacy back.

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