This Baba faints as soon as women and girls are touched, the doctors made a shocking disclosure
This Baba faints as soon as women and girls are touched, the doctors made a shocking disclosure

Many shocking cases keep coming up these days. Now recently a shocking case has come to the fore which is from Berasia in Bhopal. Such celibacy has settled in the mind of the priest of the Hanuman temple here that, as soon as he touches women and girls, he faints. You must be surprised to hear this but it is true. The devotees of this temple say that Baba is absorbed in the worship and devotion of Hanuman ji day and night and since last 6 months there has been such a change in the behavior of the priest Baba. Not only this, but the devotees now took him to the psychiatrist of JP Hospital, Bhopal, where he has started treatment after counseling the priest.

It is being told that in this case Dr. RK Bairagi, Psychiatrist of Jaypee Hospital told that, 'This is not a normal situation. In psychiatry, this is called conversion disorder. In this, the patient feels that there is some power within him, people should pay attention to him. That's why sometimes people start behaving strangely due to mental conditions. If anyone claims that he is visited by some deities or if someone says that he is a ghost, then such people should be shown to a psychiatrist. In this case Dr. Bairagi says that, 'It has been seen many times that some wishes of the people are not fulfilled, in such a situation, he starts doing devotion and other religious rituals. There comes a situation when he starts feeling that some power has come within him. He starts doing such acts many times to grab the attention of the people.

Apart from this, Dr Bairagi also told, 'If a person starts doing any work more than usual, then do not ignaore it. Usually worshiping for more than 10-15 minutes, spending hours in the temple, doing more cleanliness, sitting alone and talking to myself... Whenever someone is seen doing this, do not consider it a normal situation. See a doctor immediately.' He says, 'Such patients suffering from psychiatric diseases can be cured in two-three months. Counseling is done for such patients. They can be brought out of this condition by giving psychotherapy and medicines. Often people avoid seeing a psychiatrist in such a situation. People feel that after seeing a psychiatrist, people should not declare the patient insane.

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