Beautiful forest of Germany remains surrounded by dark

Germany is a very beautiful country, so many tourists come to visit here. Germany is so beautiful that it is also called the heart of Europe. There are many forests in Germany with beautiful places, but today we are going to tell you about a forest which is also called the forest of darkness. For this reason, this forest is also called the Black Forest, this forest is in the Rhine valley on the southern and western borders of Germany. Let's know many more things about it.

The Rhine valley in Germany is spread over a distance of about 12,000 km, but still, there is no light in this forest. The trees in this forest are so tall that by filtering them, the light of the sun does not come here. Due to this, there is dark even in the day. The Kinzig River flowing with mountains and trees in this forest makes this forest even more beautiful. This river flows through the forest.

Apart from this, you can see many small lakes, trees, mountains full of greenery in this forest. In the middle of this forest, there are very beautiful flowers, pine, and cedar trees. There are also paths for walking in this forest. Apart from this, if you like mountain biking and skiing then this jungle is best for you. You will easily find many rare creatures in this forest. The beauty of this forest increases is even more due to snowfall in the winter season.

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