This city is situated in the middle of the desert
This city is situated in the middle of the desert

There are many beautiful places to visit all over the world that are capable of charming anyone, but did you know that there is a place in the middle of the desert where your mind will not want to return after going? To this day you must have seen only sand in the desert, but there is a city in South Peru that is situated in the middle of the desert. There is greenery all around and there is no shortage of water either.

The city is situated in the Isa desert of South America and the name of this city is Huacachina. The city is located about 350 kilometers from South Peru. The city is situated within a radius of only 200 meters and has a population of only 100, but there is always a tourist rush to see the beautiful scenery here. You can also go here and enjoy buggy rides and boating.

There is a pond right in the middle of this city which is always full of water. The city became very famous in 1940 because at that time the king and sheikh used to come to visit the city. After 1990, the city was made a tourist attraction.

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