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People like to travel a lot, and they often go to other countries to roam, but there are many places in our country too where after going you will forget to go abroad. These places are even more beautiful than abroad, today we are going to tell you about the city of Kodaikanal present in Tamil Nadu where after leaving you will realize that you are in London. Let's know about this city.

Kodaikanal city of Tamil Nadu is very beautiful, this city is present at 2133 meters above sea level, due to which it is very cold here. This place is so beautiful and serene that anyone's heart is charmed. This city is situated in the middle of Pali Hill, here you can see huge rock, calm lake, fruit orchards and pine forest.

In this city, you can see Kurinji which blooms only once in 12 years. The beautiful mountains here can increase the fun of your holidays four times. You can see Berijam Lake, Bryant Park, Beer Shola Fall, Silver Cascade Falls and Kodaikanal Lake.

There are many beautiful temples in Kodaikanal, apart from this, this temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is situated at a distance of 3.2 km from the lake Kodaikanal. After visiting this temple, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the plains of the north and the hills of Palani.

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