This contestant was out of Bigg Boss before finale, got back 50 lakhs

Today's episode of the country's popular reality show Bigg Boss started with Janta Task. All the contestants tried to impress the public. Karan, Prateek and Rashmi will come in the first task. Karan and Rashmi become members of the hotel staff and then Tejasswi comes for a massage as a gesture, Karan again gives the massage. Nishant and Shamita come as husband-wife and Prateek gives them a drink. Thereafter, Karan, Rakhi and Tejasswi spend separate time.

Tejasswi then further asks Karan to propose in Punjabi. Then Karan tells her in Punjabi, would you like to be the mother of my children? Tejasswi says yes. Tejasswi and Karan's romance continues in the meantime. Then Karan says, she lip kissed me on the pretext of the task. Prateek and Karan lift Tejasswi and Shamita like dumbbells. Rashmi comes with Rakhi on her back. After that, comes the first round marks in which Karan gets 8.5, Tejasswi 8, Shamita 5, Prateek 6, Nishant 7.5, Rashmi 4.5 and Rakhi gets 6 points.

Also, Nishant, Tejasswi, Rakhi and Rashmi performed in the second round. Rakhi Rashmi and Tejasswi become members of the hotel. Then Karan goes for the massage and Tejasswi and Rakhi come to give the massage. While Shamita massages, Nishant and Rashmi massage Shamita. Meanwhile, Rakhi and Karan dance while Tejasswi falls behind with a broom. During this, Karan becomes pole and Tejasswi does pole dance. Then both do push-ups together. In the third round, Rakhi becomes a witch and performs a romantic dance with Karan. After all three rounds, Bigg Boss announces that the prize money which was reduced is increased and now 50 lakh prize money has been returned. Then Bigg Boss says while stating the final score that Nishant has got the most points. 38.5 points. Karan with 37 points at second no. Tejasswi with 34 points at number three. Prateek with 32.5 points at number four. Rashmi with 32 points at number five, then Bigg Boss says that Shamita has got 31.35 and Rakhi has got 30 points.

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