Couple started having relationship on the swing in front of children, and then...

A couple was enjoying the Ferris wheel in the amusement park. Then in a short time, the couple started having a relationship on the swing. During this, many persons and even some minor children were present in the vicinity. After getting down from the swing, the police arrested the couple.

Four witnesses told the police that they had seen a couple having a relationship on a Ferris wheel. The incident took place at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio, USA. Two of these witnesses are minors. Both of them were in the cart just below the couple. This ride goes up to a height of 145 feet. The incident took place on Sunday, August 14. According to the police report, police sergeants and security officers had captured David Davis and Heather Johnston. Subsequently, the Sandusky Police Department was called there.

In front of the police, the couple first denied the allegations against them. Heather, 32, told police that she was wearing shorts inside the dress and that a cigarette pack fell from her in court due to the ride, the report said. David, 24, was assisting her in lifting the cigarette pack. However, after a while, the couple agreed that they were having a relationship in the swing. Heather and David have been arrested and taken to the Erie County Police Department. They have committed the crime of having a relationship in front of children. On August 15, the couple was produced before Sandusky municipal court.

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