This coupled had sex in a car, Video leaked

Sep 09 2017 01:10 PM

Sometimes a person makes such a mistake, whose remorse is later on, yes, such a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in this video, sex in a camel car starts to happen.

This case is of MOSCON, where a pair of BMW X-6 car was caught on camera while having sex, according to sources a 29-year-old man is driving a car, and a 30-year-old lady is sitting in his lap Actually, they were having sex in this condition. This couple was seen by another driver having sex while driving, so she made a video of it.

He has made a connection with the driving seat while driving a car on the busy road after the video is viral on social media, the police is now busy looking for the couple. Police say that couple may be fined for sexually exploiting sex on the street.

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