This detector will smell the danger of chemical in air, Know complete details

Feb 10 2020 11:16 AM
This detector will smell the danger of chemical in air, Know complete details

Bhopal: In today's time, chemical terror is taking birth as the biggest threat in the world. Dealing with this weapon of terror has remained the biggest challenge to national security compared to other destructive weapons. If in a country with a large population like India, adequate arrangements are required to deal with such chemical agents. Defense Research and Development Establishment (DRDE) at Gwalior is making indigenous chemical detectors and special suits. So that such a chemical attack can be stopped.

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DRDE's chemical detectors will help in combating chemical and biological attacks. The Indian Army is dependent on foreigners for such a detector, but in the coming time, they will be able to find these devices in the country. These agents circulate as gas in the air. This detector will detect the presence of such elements. It has an audio alarm facility that has two modes. It recognizes terror from chemical in two ways. The first positive, which identifies nerve agents. Another negative, which will alert other chemical and toxic elements. Talking about its benefits, it will be able to be installed in small size places like trains, markets, airports, and crowded places.

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In addition to the detector, DRDE is also close to creating a biological suite. The same will protect against deadly agents during biological warfare. Similar chemical suites have already been made from it. There will be many shields of special fabric in it, which will not allow deadly particles to reach the skin. The suit being made in DRDE will also be upgraded from imported suites in terms of quality. Chemical suits have been made in DRDE. The army is also using these suits. They are extremely lightweight to wear and two are certified by international labs. Talking about its benefits, then it will prevent the spread of lethal elements like soldiers in war, bioagents in military areas, it is a good effort.

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