This dog got the title of the world's ugliest dog, got a reward of lakhs
This dog got the title of the world's ugliest dog, got a reward of lakhs

In the world of dogs, beauty often takes a backseat to loyalty and innocence. While some dogs win hearts with their charm and appearance, others gain fame for their unconventional looks. Today, we introduce you to a dog that has earned the title of the "Ugliest Dog" due to its unusual appearance. Yes, the Ugliest Dog.

Wild Thang

This year, in North Bend, Oregon, a city in the United States, a dog named Wild Thang has been crowned the winner of the annual Ugliest Dog Competition held in California. Wild Thang belongs to the Pekingese breed and is 8 years old. Interestingly, this breed originally hails from China. Wild Thang has participated in this competition three times before, securing the second position each time.

Wild Thang's Condition

The dog that won the title of the world's ugliest dog, Wild Thang, suffers from a disease called Distemper. This is a viral disease that affects the respiratory system of animals and weakens their immune system. According to the owner, Wild Thang managed to survive this affliction, but not without enduring significant damage. Due to the disease, his teeth did not develop properly, causing his tongue to constantly stick out. Additionally, his right hind leg is also somewhat impaired. Despite these challenges, his owner Ann says that Wild Thang remains a cheerful and playful dog.

Prize Money for the Ugliest Dog

The winner of this competition was set to receive a substantial cash prize. Following his victory, Wild Thang and his owner Ann Lewis were awarded a prize of $5,000, which amounts to approximately 4.17 lakh rupees.

History of the Competition

This unique competition has been held for over 50 years. According to information available on the competition's website, the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, has been hosting the World's Ugliest Dog Competition for nearly half a century. Last year, a 7-year-old Chinese Crested dog named Scooter won the title, despite being born with two deformed hind legs and initially destined for euthanasia at an animal control center. However, he was adopted by Linda Elmquist, a member of the animal control center, who nurtured him back to health.

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