This drunk girl did such an act with police, arrested

Many kinds of strange cases have been reported from all over the world, in the meantime, another incident has come to light in which a girl drank alcohol at her birthday party and did such an act, due to which the police arrested her. Not only that, the case reached court. The girl was recently produced in court for a hearing.

In fact, Eliza Cosno, who lives in Scotland, was celebrating her 19th birthday at a hotel. There were some friends with her as well. Eliza got out of control after drinking at the birthday party. Because of this, she cut into the hand of a police officer. Eliza cut with her teeth so hard into the police officer's arm that he began to bleed. According to the report received, Eliza used to work as a waitress. She was arrested after being bitten in the hand of a police officer. Because of this, Eliza was shouting loudly and hitting her hands and feet. The officer filed a court case against Eliza over the incident, where she appeared in Edinburgh Sheriff's Court last Friday.

Due to the same hearing, Eliza confessed to the incident but denied that her bite could bleed the police officer. Eliza took the whole incident as "funny." After the trial was over, the court found Eliza guilty of causing harm to the police officer. The next hearing of the case will now be held in August.

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