This famous actress hid her first marriage from her husband, now will again get divorced
This famous actress hid her first marriage from her husband, now will again get divorced

The married life of famous Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen's brother Rajiv Sen and his wife Charu Asopa is going through a difficult phase. A few days after the wedding, the news of the rift in Rajiv and Charu's relationship has been in full swing. But now the bitterness between the couple has increased so much that the matter has reached the point of divorce.

Charu Asopa has now broken her silence on her relationship, saying that she has given a lot of opportunities to her husband and now she wants divorce by mutual approval. However, Rajiv Sen has accused Charu of hiding from him about her first marriage. Charu Asopa said in an interview- Everyone knows that there have been problems in our marriage for the last 3 years. Ever since we got married, I have always given them chances. First I gave it to myself and then to my daughter. But I don't know when it was three years away while giving chances.  

Further, Charu said - Rajiv has trust issues. I can't stand it anymore. I had sent him a normal notice, which talked about parting ways with mutual consent, as there is nothing left in our marriage. Charu said, "I want to part my ways because I don't want my daughter to grow up in such a toxic and abusive environment.'' Charu also said that Rajiv does not allow her to post pictures of her daughter on social media. They think Ziana will get a bad eye. Charu also said that Rajiv's mother and sister support him in this regard. Charu said that Rajiv accused her of hiding her first marriage from him, while according to Charu, Rajiv was already aware of it. At the same time, Rajiv says that no one knew about Charu's first marriage. She hid her marriage from everyone. So they were shocked to know this. Rajiv said, "I think it was her past, but she should have at least told me and I would have accepted her with respect.''

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