This famous Villain opens up about the pain of being a widower and raising a child alone
This famous Villain opens up about the pain of being a widower and raising a child alone

Rahu Dev is one of the most renowned villains in Bollywood. The actor has featured in various movies and played various Cruel and Bad roles in his films. However, he is the opposite in real life. In a recent interview, Rahul opens up on after his wife death how it is difficult for him to single-handedly raise a child. The actor raised his son, Siddharth Dev, on his own after his wife Rina Dev's death in 2009. They were together for almost 18 years and married for 11 of them before Rina succumbed to cancer and she died.

In the recent interview Rahul said, "Parenting is not easy at all. Women have a big hand in raising children, the way they understand children, probably because it comes out of them. The kind of patience they have for children, I tried a lot, but there were times when I would lose my cool, my frame of mind. I had to try to be both mom and dad. When I would go to parent-teacher meetings at school, I would see mostly mothers. Rarely I would meet one guy but his wife would be there. At that time, I would feel a sense of deep insecurity. I would feel where are the men."

The actor further said, "It's very painful. A lot of it I don't want to remember. A lot of it I would not wish on anyone, that kind of situation. It looks easy in films, so many times films show that someone became a widower. But starting again is not easy at all."

Rahul salso spoke about his relationship with Mughda Ghodse, and revealed that he felt it was unfair for her to date the model-actor due to their 14-year age gap. Rahul and Mugdha have been dating for over eight years.  They also appeared in Television show Nach Baliye with Mughda.

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