Google Photos to get these special features

Nowadays people love to make collage pictures to celebrate someone's birthday or a special occasion and show their love for their loved ones. For this, most people use an app on the Play Store. But now you will be able to create an automatic theme movie in Google Photo. This feature is kept inside the Google Photos app. Through this feature, consumers can make movies with different themes. This includes selfie movies, Mother's Day movies, Memorial Day movies and Cat and Dogs Movies etc. Not only that, google photo's new video editor tools will give users many options like video brightness, contrast, skin colour, shadow, tint and warmth. It will have new video editing tools that will allow you to view your desired results in the video. With this feature of Google Photos, you will have to choose a theme, after which the theme will automatically start doing its job and make you a beautiful movie that you can customize. Find out how you can also make great movies from Google Photos...

Open the Google Photos app on the phone. After which click on the option of the library at the bottom of the app. After which click on the Utilities that appears above on the screen. The new page will open on the screen, which will have the movie option, click on it. The new page is going to have the new option at the top, in addition to which options like Meow Movie, Doggie Movie, and selfie movie are going to appear.

Keep in mind that Google Photos related to the option you have chosen should have more than one photo. Just one picture can't make a movie. Once you select the option, Google Will make a Photos movie and send you a notification, which you will be able to open and view.

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