This film is based on true murder history!

The special episode, hosted by Academy Award contender and Emmy Award winner Laurence Fishburne, is based on the horrible killings of numerous women in 19th-century Victorian England that still astound us today. According to reports, the one-hour series will focus on the hunt for infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper as well as efforts to identify the person responsible for the murders of women. The program also featured interviews with historians, authors, and detectives that are looking into various facets of the enigmatic case and trying to hide the culprit and his motivation by comprehending the evidence and other interpretations.

These killings soon made news and painted a picture of socio-economic situations amid a climate of fear and anxiety! Additionally, the East End's problems that are getting worse are being addressed at the same time. Many speculations exist regarding the identity and line of work of this serial murderer, and more than 100 suspects have also been narrowed down. The cops' objective was to compile information that would help them identify the killer and reveal his motivations in order to build a criminal profile.

Join the search for the killers behind these unsolved murders, until the possibility of being Jill the Ripper! This is a case that, more than a century later, remains a deep well of mystery and has also become the subject of many documentaries, novels, and works of art.

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