This great smartwatch will be launched with strong camera and features

After making its dominance in the social media platform sector, now META is planning to enter the smart gadget sector as well. According to the news, Meta company is engaged in working on its 2 new smartwatches. One of these smartwatches can be launched in the next few months. Many special features are going to be available to the users in this smartwatch. Let us understand in detail what special features are going to be in these two.

Strong Camera Features: If the news is to be believed, you are going to get a primary camera for video calling in Facebook Smartwatch. Apart from this, there is also going to be a camera on the back of this smartwatch for clicking pictures and recording videos. You will be able to click pictures or videos from different angles through this. Apart from this, you will also get the facility of 4G in it.

Health can also be monitored: It has also been claimed in the report that this smartwatch will also have features like VR and AR. This means that it can be used as a VR set. This smartwatch is also going to have many features related to health. In this you will also get features like heart rate tracking, step counting, sleep monitoring and body temperature sensor.

What will be the price, when will it be launched: Let us tell that the first variant of this smartwatch can be launched in March-April this year. It is being told that in this you will also be given the option of white, black and gold color. If we talk about whose price, then it can come in the range of 30 thousand rupees.

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