This Hollywood star was seen romancing on the Cannes red carpet, Kiss grabbed everyone's attention

American model Kaya Gerber has surprised everyone by kissing actress boyfriend Austin on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Both are so lost in each other that all eyes are fixed on them. After all, why has he done this in front of people gathered from all over the country. American model Kaia Gerber smooched actor Austin in front of everyone during the Cannes Film Festival. Austin's movie Elvis has been selected to be shown at the Cannes Movie Festival. In her happiness, Kaia Gerber has given her support by publicly kissing boyfriend Austin.

American model Kaia Gerber, 20, arrived at Cannes hand-in-hand with actor Austin in a red halter dress. Austin Butler is a 30-year-old actor whose movie Elvis was selected to be screened at Cannes. Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler were first seen together in the year 2021, since then they were also getting to hear about their relationship. Both have been seen kissing in front of a huge crowd on the Cannes red carpet.

Kaia looked gorgeous in a maroon deep back strappy gown. Supermodel Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber tied her hair in a brunette bun, while keeping the entire look with light make-up. Kaya has also enhanced her look with high heels. The designer suit of Elvis actor Austin Black looked very handsome. Austin completed the look with a classic bow tie and a bright blue brooch. Austin butler is quite famous among the youth. The actor also has 2 million followers on Instagram.

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