This hot video of 'Anjana Singh' went viral!

Jun 18 2019 05:39 PM
This hot video of 'Anjana Singh' went viral!

Social media queen Bhojpuri Actress is Anjana Singh. Day by day, watch her sexy and hot videos on Instagram. This time is also getting to see a tremendous video on social media. In this video, Anjana is making the audience crazy with her sexy play.

The video is quite complete, but it still has a lot to do with it on social media. Anjana Singh herself is very active on social media and she shares her sexy videos and photos on social media every day. Anjana Singh had also shared a photo video of her daughter's birthday party on social media. In which she looked quite beautiful. Let us know the full details

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If Anjana Singh's work front, she has worked in several films in Bhojpuri cinema. All his films are liked by the audience. Anjana Singh has also worked with Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan. Anjana has also been awarded several awards for her outstanding performance.

For your information, Anjana Singh is also aware of making Tik-Tok these days. The Tik-Tok app shares a video every day. Along with Bhojpuri star Rani Chatterjee, she also shares her Tik-Tok videos. She also has a very good fan following.

Anjana Singh's personal life is married to Bhojpuri star Yash Kumar. This couple has a lovely daughter. Apart from real life, the duo is also very fond of film screens. The couple has also worked in several films in Bhojpuri cinema. Photo videos also share Anjana usually doing her family.

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