Wait over! This essential feature of chat transfer has come up in WhatsApp

Many users want to store their WhatsApp chats. It is a priority to move WhatsApp chats whenever users change their mobile. There is nothing more you can do if you go to an Android phone from iPhone. You can move your WhatsApp chats on Android mobile from iPhone. So far this feature was offered only for Samsung's latest smartphone. You can now use it on Pixel mobile as well. The feature will also be available in launch mobile with Android 12.

In the same blog post, Tech Giant Google said it has built new capability by working with the WhatsApp team. This design allows the iPhone to transfer WhatsApp chat history to Android mobile. You will need a USB-C to Lightning cable to move to chat on Android mobile. Then you have to connect the mobiles. You will receive the prompt while setup the new Android device.

That's what you need to scan a QR code on your iPhone. This will launch WhatsApp and enable you to move all chats to your new Android device. The company has said that the user's data will remain protected due to the transfer process. Apart from Samsung's selected mobile, the feature is now available for Pixel mobiles as well. The company has said that the feature can be used on mobiles launched with Android 12. However, the company has not clarified whether the mobile updated on Android 12 will get this feature or not.

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