This Indian dancer is going to debut in Hollywood

Aug 14 2020 08:28 PM
This Indian dancer is going to debut in Hollywood

It is said that 'those who try will never give up', the same saying has been proved by the Gujarati dancer Indiana Mehta living in Mumbai with her hard work and dedication. Indiana, a choreographer's assistant, surprised people by posting a movie trailer on social media with Sabrina Carpenter and Lisa Koshy, popular Hollywood personalities.

The movie will be released soon on the world's largest streaming site. She told me that it was not an easy task for her to enter Hollywood and make her own place. A lifetime dancer, Indiana has added a new chapter to the history of the world's number one musical theatre school founded by Lane. She has completed her graduation from the National Diploma in Performing Arts. At the same school where Victoria Wakeham, Ruthie Henshall and several Broadway stars have been graduated.

While sharing her interesting story, she said, "By coincidence, I had the opportunity to meet an eminent ballet dancer. After meeting her, I became fond of this dance genre. Done. I worked diligently on this mode and worked hard to get myself into it. I trained with 3-year-old children in addition to getting advanced training in it. Not only that but I practised at home, Practiced at the bus stop, sometimes even in my sleep, I felt like dancing! "

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