This Indian youth remained in scorpion pose for 29 minutes, made a world record

You all must know that Yoga keeps the body healthy. Although regular yoga practice is necessary for this, although there are very few people in the world who do yoga regularly. Let us tell you that experts related to health say that practicing different types of yogasanas can be helpful in reducing the risk of many diseases. However, do you know that world records can also be made by doing yoga? It may be surprising to hear but it is true. In fact, an Indian youth has registered his name in the Guinness World Records only by doing yoga.

According to the information received, the name of this Indian youth is Yash Mansukhbhai Moradiya and he lives in Dubai and teaches yoga to people. It means he is a yoga teacher. Yes and recently, Yash Mansukhbhai did yoga in Scorpion position for a total of 29 minutes 4 seconds and thus he broke the old world record of doing yoga for the longest time in this posture and a A new record has been set.

You can see Guinness World Records has shared a video of Yash doing yoga in the Scorpion position on its official social media platform Instagram. In this video, how 21-year-old Yash has kept the front part of his body on the ground and raised his legs above the head and gave a scorpion pose. Let us tell you that this position is also known as Vrschikasana.

Yes and as easy as it looks, it is actually more difficult. It is not for everyone to do this yoga. At the same time, according to Guinness World Records, Yash had practiced for about two years to make this unique record. In fact, during the Corona epidemic, he used to practice this mudra at home and today he has made a record.

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