This information was leaked from 'Shot on OnePlus'

Jun 17 2019 05:56 PM
This information was leaked from 'Shot on OnePlus'

We're going to tell you that there are as many disadvantages of technology as advantages. While technology makes our work easier, it often poses a risk of privacy leaks. Something similar has happened with OnePlus users. There have been several reports of email leaks by OnePlus smartphone users in the past. OnePlus never spoke openly about this flaw. A recent report on the matter revealed new information after one-time users' emails were leaked.

According to the information received, users' emails were leaked from the 'Shot on OnePlus' app on OnePlus's smartphone. The app allows users to upload clicked images and can also be featured as wallpapers. In the case of email leaks, the report states that the emails of users who created links between the server and the app for uploading photos were from the leaked API.

This API required encrypted-key access to tokens. After receiving encrypted access for token access, the API gave users the freedom to view emails from photo uploaders. The most shocking thing is that this API was being hosted by OnePlus itself. That OnePlus was made aware of it in early May. Despite this, the company did not take the necessary steps to secure the users. This API has not been able to find information about when it has been leaking users' emails. At the moment the company has released an update to fix it, but experts say there are still many more changes to be made to fix it completely.

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