This is best diet plan for heart patients

Dec 06 2018 01:03 PM
This is best diet plan for heart patients

The heart's function becomes less than a healthy person after having a heart condition. Therefore, heart patients have to take special care to eat and drink. Heart patients can not take general diets like normal people. Today we are going to tell you about some such foods that are beneficial for heart patients. 

1- If you have heart-related diseases, then eat oats daily. Oats contain abundant fiber which helps reduce cholesterol levels. Apart from this, it increases your transit time and reduces the absorption of glucose. You can add it to your food in a roti or some other way. 

2- Eating intake of vitamins containing heart disease is beneficial in heart diseases. You can include orange, lemon, amla etc in your food. 

3- Soya and tofu contain abundant proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and poly unsaturated fat, which help keep the heart healthy, and also keep the cholesterol level in control. 

4- If you want to keep your heart healthy always use blueberries and pomegranate. In these things, the abundance of anthocyanin and antioxidants is found. Which is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels.


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