'This is beyond my understanding', language controversy Akshay Kumar's statement

Now Akshay Kumar has also given his reaction in the language controversy started by Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan and Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep. In fact, South vs Bollywood is being talked about for the past several days and now talking about this, Akshay Kumar has agreed that Bollywood films are not doing well at the box office as compared to regional blockbusters. He said, "I hope soon there will come a time when every film will do well at the box office, this is important for the Hindi film industry. Fingers crossed! Because I don't know what will happen, and the word 'pan India' will come. It's beyond my comprehension."

He further added, "Look, I don't believe in this division. I get angry when someone says 'this is from the south industry and this from the north industry'. We all belong to the same industry. That's what I believe. I think we should stop asking this question too." Along with this, he also said that, 'We have not learned anything from our history and the British also took advantage of dividing people on the basis of religion and language. It is important to understand... Because of this our fleet was in turmoil when the Britishers would come and say 'Yeh-Yeh Hai and Who-Woh'. With this, he further said- 'They divided us and we never learned from it. We still don't understand this part. The day we start to understand that we are one, things will get better.

He further added, "Why can't we call ourselves an industry, and why do we need to divide it by calling it 'Uttar or Hindi'? Then they will talk about the language, and then there will be a debate on it. We all have good language. Yes, we are all talking in our mother tongue, and it is beautiful. There is no need to make an issue of it."

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