This is how running can make you have better sex

May 03 2019 07:39 PM
This is how running can make you have better sex

Running is one of the most effective excersice to get a healthy and fit body. Most o0f the people run to reduce weight and remain fit and quite often it actually works out well for them. A new study claims that running  can do wonders for couples looking to have great sex.

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As per thereport in the Metro, women can trick themselves into getting ready for having the best sex with their partners by simply running. Women who run get their hearts racing which helps them if they meet their partners soon after because they don’t have to consume aphrodisiacs to get into the mood for having sex.

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According to th ereport, A simple jog could actually get you excited in what is called ‘transfer of expectation’. It also helps women get a better orgasm because after having sex with their partners they simply need to relax to get one rather than taking initiative in reaching an orgasm. The heart beating is similar to what one feels when they are having sex and so it replicates the action.


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