This is not a fantasy but a reality, scientists have created a computer from the human brain, the energy problem will be solved instantly!
This is not a fantasy but a reality, scientists have created a computer from the human brain, the energy problem will be solved instantly!

In today's era, the fear looms large that artificial intelligence will eventually replace humans. However, what we are about to reveal may truly astound you.

Breakthrough in Technology

In this age of technological advancement, scientists in Sweden have made a bold claim: they have created a computer that is alive, constructed from human brain tissue. You may be wondering how such a feat is possible. Let us elucidate.

Revolutionary Development

According to scientists, the most remarkable aspect of this computer is its ability to exchange information like a computer chip. If this computing method is adopted worldwide, it could potentially solve energy crises. Companies and universities worldwide are now delving into this technology.

How Does the 'Living' Computer Work?

This living computer is claimed to have been developed by scientists at the Swedish company, Final Spark. It is constructed from brain cells similar to 16 organoids, which communicate with each other like neurons in the human brain. Its most significant feature is its utilization of 10 million times less energy compared to digital processes.

Made from Living Neurons

Scientists also revealed that tasks requiring 10 to 20 watts of energy from our brains are currently using 21 megawatts in today's computers. It can be said that this is 1,000 times more powerful than the human brain.

Organoid Stem Composition

According to Dr. Fred Delimel, CEO of Final Spark, the computer is made from organoid stems that can self-care. He explained that this living computer consists of mini-brains, each made up of ten thousand living neurons. These cells can remain alive for up to 100 days, after which they can be replaced with organoids.

Implications and Future Prospects

The implications of this breakthrough are immense. It opens up new possibilities in computing and neuroscience, blurring the lines between biology and technology. While ethical considerations abound, the potential benefits in energy efficiency and computing power are undeniable. The creation of a living computer marks a significant milestone in the field of technology. It challenges our perceptions of what is possible and raises profound questions about the future of artificial intelligence and humanity's relationship with technology.

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