This is the easiest way to protect you from Saturn's shadow

Today is Saturday and Shani Bhagwan is worshipped on Saturdays. In the lives of those who are monitored by Shani Bhagwan, sorrow is sorrow. In this case, a number of measures can be taken to avoid the wrath of Saturn. Now today we are going to tell you how to avoid the shadow of Saturn.

Ways to avoid saturn's shadow:

Today, saturday, put mustard oil in the bowl and look at your face and donate it to a poor person. By doing so, Shanidev's anger gradually subsides.

Tell you that to avoid saturn's shadow, a black dog walking around your house on Saturdays should be fed with mustard oil in bread.

One should worship Banjaragabli to avoid the shadow of Saturn. It is said that Shanidev, who was imprisoned near Ravana in Lanka, was freed by Lord Hanuman. This makes Shanidev happy with Hanuman Puja on Saturdays.

Crows coming to the roof of the house should feed black berries on Saturdays to avoid saturn's dhaiya.

Iron and black sesame seeds should not be purchased on Saturdays to avoid saturn's dhaiya as it is considered an insult to Shanidev. On this day, we should avoid such actions.

Wear 7 mukhi rudraksha to strengthen Saturn. Mantra saat mukhi rudraksha to hold:
Om Hoon Namah.
Om haran kreen hirin saun.

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