This is the main reason behind broken coalition in Jammu and Kashmir

Jun 20 2018 02:54 PM
This is the main reason behind broken coalition in Jammu and Kashmir

The government of Jammu and Kashmir coalition government of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the People's Democratic Party (PDP) finally collapsed. The BJP did the announcement to break the BJP-PDP coalition whose senior leaders had often said that the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir is working properly and the situation is completely under control. With the collapse of the coalition, the people or locals who watched the state of Jammu and Kashmir were not much surprised. 

The dispute of two parties was seen in the alliance from the very first day. From Section 35A, Section 370 and from the flag of Jammu and Kashmir to Ramzan ceasefire, there has been hardly any such subject which for which they did not have disputes. Due to the compulsion of running the government, the senior leaders of both the parties, denying the disputes, always said that everything is fine.

However, keeping in mind the PDP's Kashmir-centric politics, the BJP kept virtually silent on Article 370 and Section 35A. But, the manner in which the PDP had to change its decision about the state's flag had to be changed. With it, she was completely upset over Kashmir-centric politics issues and the BJP always had to meet their decisions. When Mahbuba Mufti took over the coalition government after the demise of his father Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, she kept his focus on Kashmir only, instead of the three parts of the state.

They adopted the policy of appeasing the Muslim community settled there, which made the BJP angry. In all important administrative matters, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti declared her verdict without any hesitation in the BJP. The permission of the Department of Tribal Affairs was made mandatory before the police took action. This created anger against the coalition government in Jammu. 

Apart from this, continuous increase in violence in the state and violation of daily wages in border areas also increased the tension between the PDP-BJP. But in the month of Ramzan, the differences between the two parties regarding the ceasefire have already stayed on the same day and the Union Home Ministry also announced the ceasefire declining the advice of the Ministry of Defense. The result of which is not hidden from anyone



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