This is the reason why women don't like oral sex

Sep 13 2017 01:15 AM
This is the reason why women don't like oral sex

You must have heard of Oral sex, many of us have seen it in Adult Video. Tell you that men enjoy more oral sex than normal sex. 

Men are interested in oral sex. At the same time, women do not have much interest in oral sex. Although there are some women who like to have oral sex. Such women are called 'wild' but do you know why most women escape from oral sex? We know that your answer will be 'no'. Let us tell you:

Most women think that their partner's penis size is quite big. Because of which it will be awkward to take it in her mouth. 

Women are quite hygienic, because of this, she does not say oral sex. They think that this is a messy way of doing sex.

Some women do not know about oral sex at all because of this, she feels frightening about oral sex.

Some women think that they will not be able to satisfy their partner with oral sex because of this, she says no to oral sex.

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