Mahant Avaidyanath had organized huge movement in India regarding Ram Janmabhoomi

Aug 05 2020 03:11 PM
Mahant Avaidyanath  had organized huge movement in India regarding Ram Janmabhoomi

Gorakhpur: Today is a historic day, the auspicious time that everyone had been waiting for years has gone today. In 1857, on the basis of place and public meeting in modern India, and against the Emergency, there has been a huge movement 'Ram Janmabhoomi movement'. The same was led by the great popular Avaidyanath, Brahmalin, who was Goraksha Peethadhishwar.

Mahant Avaidyanath was the guru of UP CM and Goraksha Peethadheeshwar Yogi Adityanath. The Ram Janmabhoomi movement changed the direction of India. Mahant Avaidyanath brought the Dharma Acharyas of Hindu society with diversity and change of opinion. All Dharmacharya Mahant considered Avaidyanath as their idol. Avaidyanath launched a movement against untouchability and high-pitched feelings in society. On 21 July 1984, when the Ram Janmabhoomi Yagya Committee was formed, Mahant Avaidyanath was elected its president.

Mahant Avaidyanath remained in this post as long as he lived in this world. Due to his leadership, Hindutva was discussed all over the world. Under his leadership, there was a movement for the construction of a grand temple on the Ram Janmabhoomi. Started in the year 1984, this movement has now reached its end to a certain extent. Now after the order of the Supreme Court, the process of temple construction has started. Mahant Avaidyanath may not be in this world today, but the construction of the temple is being started under the supervision of his disciple Goraksha Peethadhishwar Yogi Adityanath.

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