This moisturizer made at home will save you from dengue

Nov 10 2018 01:12 PM
This moisturizer made at home will save you from dengue

There is a danger of mosquito-borne disease every season. Similarly, if you are afraid of dengue during change in the weather then there is no need to panic anymore. Measures to avoid this are now available at home. Yes, with the help of this moisturizer, which can be easily made at home, you can keep the disease away from yourself. Let's tell you how to avoid deadly diseases-

Let me tell you, the mosquito of dengue can be hit at human body not only at night but also in daylight. People suffering from this mosquito bite are more likely to suffer from sever fever. That is why they have to go to the hospital and there is also a lot of expenditure. But now you can make this moisturizer in the house only.

Method of making: You can make Natural Moisturizer at home to avoid dengue. For this, you have to mix 5 to 6 drops of catnip, levender, neem, citronella, black pepper together. After this, put the solution in a glass. You must use it on your hands and feet before you ever leave your home.

 By putting this solution on the skin, all insects keep away from the skin. Apart from this, the fragrance of the garlic cannot be tolerated by the mosquito, so it is also a good natural hindrance.

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