This Muslim country will remove Islam from its constitution.

New Delhi: A year after a coup d'état in the African country of Tunisia, the country's President Cass Sayed is going to approve a constitutional draft that will end the recognition of state religion to Islam. According to reports, the draft constitution will be presented for a referendum on Saturday (June 25, 2022). According to the report, the country's president, while speaking to reporters at the airport, said, "In tunisia's next constitution, Islam will not remain as the official religion of the state, but as an ummah (community)." '

It is worth mentioning that the North African country Tunisia is a muslim-majority country and until now the constitution had adopted Islam as the state religion. But now, the country's President, Cass Saeed, wants to exclude Islam from the state's religion. Tunisia is a country where, even though it has a majority Muslim population, Islamic law Sharia is not followed there. Its legal structure is mostly based on European civil law.

In fact, Cass Sayeed dissolved tunisia's parliament last year and took full control of the country's power in July 2021. Many politicians of the Islamic country have begun to oppose Saeed's efforts to separate Islam from the state. Rached Ghani, the leader of Tunisia's Islamic Party Of India, said: "The biggest corruption in the state is atrocities and the remedy is to return to democracy and alienate the powers." '

Sadok Belad, former dean of Tunis Law School, who is chairing the Constitutional Drafting Committee, had said there would be no reference to Islam in the country's new constitution. He said more than 80 percent of Tunisia's people are opposed to Islamic politics and against radicalization.

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