This WhatApp's feature will prevent you from making any mistakes

Jun 18 2019 04:24 PM
This WhatApp's feature will prevent you from making any mistakes

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp is to launch a feature very soon, which will save you from sending a photo by mistake. The feature will already show who you're going to send a photo to and you won't have to face the 'oops' condition. The new feature is already available in WhatsApp's latest beta update v2.19.173. This feature works on both groups and contacts, and you'll also see the contact or group name written before sending a photo.

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The contact will now be named after sending a photo to WhatsApp that the photo is being sent to. Till now, only the profile photo of the contact was created on the left and top. Once this feature comes in, it will be easier to understand who you're going to send your photos to. The 'Delete for Evergreen' feature is already available on WhatsApp, but if you accidentally send a picture to someone, the user in front can see it before deleting it. You have to be embarrassed often.

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This the feature can be delivered to users in a very quick, stable update. In addition, two features that appeared in the previous beta version have recently been rolled out in stable app version v2.19.150 for Android users. This feature is associated with voice messaging and forwarding information and is now available to all Android users. The first constant voice message feature suggests that once this feature comes in, users will no longer have to play every audio note separately. You'll need to play the first voice note, followed by voice messages one after another. The second feature forwarding information was first spotted in the beta version in April. With this forwarding info, users will know how many times a message has been forwarded. However, this information will only be known to you if you forward it to someone yourself. This means that if you want to know how often a message is forwarded, you'll need to forward the message first.


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