This parrot got addicted to mobile, can't live without it

Jun 17 2019 05:38 PM
This parrot got addicted to mobile, can't live without it

Mobile is a must for everyone in today's life. But when you see it, your pets get used to it and start looking at mobiles. Today we're talking about parrots that are addicted to mobiles and you'll be surprised to see a video of it. We're talking about The One Of The Marco,' The Name of a Parrot. Rishi Sharma, son of Sharad Sharma, an SBI colony resident of Begumganj, has nurtured this parrot and today mobile has become the life of this parrot.

The grandson, reared by Rishi Sharma, is said to be so in love with mobile that he is not able to live without it at all and has a habit of seeing mobiles every half an hour. As a result, they make their parrot look phones. If you don't give it mobile, it screams all day long. The specialty of this parrot is that the parrot does not live in a cage and moves around openly in the house. It also has a close friendship with the German Shepherd dog, who grew up at home and has fun together all day long.

Apart from all this, he also has a lot of attachment to mobile. If this parrot is not made mobile, the parrot is shouting loudly. Until he gets mobile, family members keep showing this parrot some videos on mobile. No one can do any work in the day.

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