This place around Delhi will give a different thrill in the rain, definitely go for a walk.

Most people like to walk around and there are some who look for special opportunities for a trip. In such a situation, if you are also a stroller and go here and there to visit, then you can go to Delhi. Yes, delhi and its surrounding areas may get pleasant weather due to early rains. In such a situation, it is a different fun to walk around in this season. You must have known that the rainy season is the most different and pleasant and in this season you want to roam around, then you can explore these places around Delhi.  

Neemrana Fort: For those who want to roam around Delhi, Neemrana Fort in Alwar district is the best place. It is a beautiful architecture and can be enjoyed by many activities such as spa, vintage car rides and swimming.

Damdama Lake, Haryana: If you are taking out a day to visit in pleasant weather, then in such a situation, you can explore the Damdama Lake of Haryana. In fact, here on this lake, about 58 kilometers away from Delhi, you can enjoy a boat ride or a camel ride here.

Sariska, Rajasthan: Rajasthan may be known for its bright sunshine and heat, but in the rainy season, the Sariska National Park here looks extremely beautiful. Yes, and dense forests and animal-bird species make this place even more beautiful. You can enjoy the jungle safari here.

Murthal: If you are fond of both walking and eating, then this place is a best destination. Most of the people living in and around Delhi come to Murthal to take the test of the paranthas. Yes and if you want to complete the road trip in a day, then definitely go to this place.

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