This poor boy from Bihar became a millionaire by working online, know how?

Patna: Aman from Bansohi village in Chhapra district of Bihar has claimed that he succeeded in becoming a millionaire through blogging. In an interview, Vikas Kumar said that he created a blogging website and then sold it and he earned more than 1.5 crore rupees. Vikas Kumar says that he became a millionaire even before the age of 25. He is still working on some blogs, in addition to doing app development. After completing his B.Tech. till date, he has not done any job, and says that he does not intend to do a job further. He shared the story of his life with YouTuber Satish Kushwaha.

Vikas also does digital marketing. Vikas said his family conditions were not that good, but he earned money by blogging. He has built a luxurious house in the village on the basis of blogging. It was from the B.Tech third semester that he started earning money from article writing. From which he took out his expenses. Vikas also said that he did his education from education loan, arbhink education was done by his father by taking a loan.   

When he was doing BTech, he used to think how to have a good income? Because their economic conditions were not good. Vikas said that initially he did not believe in online income. There was a friend in the college who left BTech in the beginning. After two months, he shared a screenshot of $4,000 from Google Adsense on Facebook. That's what inspired them to see it. He started blogging in 2014. He said that he never hesitated to ask, he constantly asked about what he did not understand. Initially, he needed some money, then he started with the event blog. Vikas said that there was not much competition when he started event blogging. But now the competition has increased. Later, he started the Micro Niche Blog. Then they thought that they should not have a job anymore, because they were earning. Finally, he sold his blog for Rs 1 crore 64 lakh in December 2019. He ran this blog with a friend of his own. Now he is doing many things related to digital marketing, app development.  

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