This popular song of 'Pawan Singh' has won millions of views!

Jun 20 2019 08:30 PM
This popular song of 'Pawan Singh' has won millions of views!

The Bhojpuri song 'Lollipop Lagalu' is famous all over the world. Wherever it comes to singing Bhojpuri, the song is played twice without thinking. You may have seen big stars snorting on this song in many programs. A recent video clip of the song went viral on social media, which is being described as a dance video on the song that took place in England during the World Cup but is being denied. The video is reportedly edited and is during the carnival in Berlin. So when this song is popular, do you know who created this song?

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If you have thought that the song belongs to Ravi Kishan or Manoj Tiwari, you thought it was absolutely wrong. Actually, the song is of Pawan Singh. This song is so famous that everyone's tongue is on. It has also been performed by several stars. Perhaps that's why viewers were unaware of which artist's charisma actually belonged.

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Tell you for your information that the new song was released in 2015. The song was sung by Pawan Singh and his powerful lyrics were written by Zahid Akhtar. Acting and dancing were also done by Pawan Singh. In the video, Pawan Singh is quite cleaned and seen with long hair. While the best body is now made by Pawan Singh. which makes their look new.

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