This shop in Delhi is selling gold paan for Rs 600, video viral

Apr 05 2021 12:11 PM
This shop in Delhi is selling gold paan for Rs 600, video viral

You must have eaten betel leaf, by the way, this betel leaf is very different. Well, today we are going to tell you about betel leaf which is around 600 rupees. This betel leaf is being found in a betel leaf shop located in Delhi, whose story is going viral on social media. The biggest specialty of betel leaf sold in this shop is that it costs 600 rupees. By the way, you must be wondering what is it in that is worth 600 rupees. Yes, this betel leaf is not such a drink but is betel of gold. It is being sold at Yamu's Panchayat shop located in Connaught Place, Delhi.



Now the video of this gold betel leaf is fast becoming viral on social media. Now everyone has become desperate to know about this paan. By the way, you can see Yamu's Panchayat has shared a video of this special betel with gold work on Instagram. It is shown in the video that many healthy things including desi coconut, dried dates, cardamom, sweet chutney, gulkand, cloves, cherries have been used in preparing this special paan.

At the same time, when the betel leaf is prepared, then after covering it with goldwork, it is covered. As you can see, the caption accompanying this post reads - 'This Ruffalo Gold Paan is worth 600 rupees'. Now after watching this video, social media users have also given their reactions. At this time, people who are fond of betel, are seeing this golden betel leaf which bringing water in their mouth and asking them to send it online.

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