This show is a risk that I've taken: Ekta Kapoor

Jun 13 2018 10:12 AM
This show is a risk that I've taken: Ekta Kapoor

The daily soap queen Ekta Kapoor, in her latest interview, revealed that her new venture, “Dil Hi Toh Hai” is a family show for sure, but it has a modern touch to it.

The producer also revealed that she is taking a big risk with the show since she does not know what shall be the reaction of the audience for the show.

On being asked about her take on the TV audience to be evolving, Ekta said that she agrees to the fact that the audience is evolving but the producer feels that the TV is becoming slightly boring.

She also added that she does not feel too many changes made in the content.

But she assured that she has made a lot of changes to her upcoming show, to make it more relatable.

Talking about the show, Ekta said that the audience will get to experience a different flavour. The audience will see a mother asking her daughter if she has any boyfriend issues. She added that there will also be Sex Education, regarding the good touch and bad touch theory.

Ekta shared about-about the so-called pressure of Hits. She said that the pressure at times gets on to her and makes her plan hits which can never really happen. Therefore she came up with the risk of Dil Hi Toh Hai.

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