Idris Elba advised everyone about Corona
Idris Elba advised everyone about Corona

The coronavirus epidemic has affected everyone. This is the reason that at this time every country is taking many important steps for the safety of its people. Many people have fallen prey to this with considerable security and order. Which includes the names of many Bollywood and Hollywood veterans. Hollywood superstar actor Idris Elba also tested positive for corona.

Which was announced by the actor himself. Now actor Idris Elba has announced that now he will quarantine himself one week every year. Not only this, Idris Elba has advised people all over the world to do so. Hollywood superstar Idris Elba has suggested that people all over the world should quarantine themselves for a week every year. So that we can remember the damage caused by this bad time and the epidemic.

This time, he has said that he will stay in quarantine for a week every year. So that they can remember each other and this time can also be remembered. Elba said that everyone's experiences are linked to this sudden change. This time is full of turmoil. From these things of the actor, it seems that he does not want to forget this day. For information, let me tell you that some time ago Idris Elba was also found positive with Coronavirus. However, it is completely safe now. Not only this, his wife Sabrina Elba was also caught in the virus. However, he is right now.

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