This temple is open only for 5 hours once in a year and has special rules for woman

May 16 2019 08:15 AM
This temple is open only for 5 hours once in a year and has special rules for woman

India is full of mysteries, here are all the amazing things have an importance. Many such temples have also been built, which people know little about but the meaning of those temples is very much. There are statues of gods and goddesses worshiped in Hinduism in temples and people worship them. But we will tell about such a temple where worship is done in a special way and the rule or laws is very different from the other temples. It opens for only 5 hours in 1 year, this temple is hidden behind

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These temples are open for only 5 hours in 1 year.

There are many such temples in India that have their own story. There is also a temple that is famous all over the world. The special feature of this temple is that it is open only for 5 hours a year and special rules have been made for women here too. In fact, we are talking about the temple of Nirai Mata located on the hills, 12 km away from Griya Bandh district of Chhattisgarh. In the temple of Nirai Mata, Vermilion, Suhag, Shringar, Kumkum, Gulal, Bandhan are not offered, but coconut and agbatti are pleasing to the mother only. Temples always worship the deities and goddesses of goddess Durga The temple is open for only 5 hours i.e. from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m.

It is a ban to come here in the rest of the days and when this temple opens, thousands people come here for visit. It is said that in the temple of Nirai Mata, every year during the Chaitra Navaratri, the light flashes on its own. How is this miracle? This is still a puzzle. The villagers say that this is the miracle of Nirai Devi, which burns without oil for nine days.

Why are women barred in the temple?

Entry of women in the temple of Nirai Mata is forbidden. There is a mystery behind this which nobody has ever known about. It is forbidden to enter woman and to worship here. Here only men can worship. Prasad food of this temple is also not allowed for women. It is said that if women eat Prasad here or even stray around here, then something happens to them untimely. This fear of women never goes to this place.

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