This temple pitcher doesn't even fill with millions of litres of water

Aaj Tak all of you must have heard and read about many temples but after knowing about the temple we are going to tell you today, your senses will be blown away. Actually this temple is located in Bhatund village of Pali in Rajasthan and Mata Sheetla is seated in this temple. Today we are going to tell you about the miraculous pot kept in the temple of Mother. In fact, it is believed that 800 years ago there was a demon named Babra in the village. The one who used to kill the groom whenever someone was getting married.

The priests of the village worshiped Sheetla Mata and requested her to kill the demon. Hearing the call of the devotees, the mother came to the village and grabbed the demon with her knees. It is said that while seeking forgiveness, the demon asked for a boon that he should be sacrificed twice a year. At that time the mother blessed him. Although it is said that due to being a village of Brahmins, it was not possible to offer sacrifices, so instead of sacrificing the demon, the mother made Sattu twice in a year and offered water to her twice.

Since then this practice has been going on. Let us tell you that it is also said that a pot is kept underground near the mother to give water to that demon. Twice a year, when the temple is opened for the devotees, the women of the whole village pour water into the pot after offering prayers, but till date the pot could not be filled. It is said that till now lakhs of liters of water have been poured into this pot but it has not been filled till date.

People living here say that scientists have done research here but they could not find where the water goes. On the other hand, the villagers believe that all the water goes into the stomach of a demon. However, it is also said that after filling the water, as soon as milk is poured into the pitcher by offering milk at the feet of the mother, in the same way, the pitcher itself gets filled, then water cannot be poured into it.

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