This thing is very beneficial when the nose bleeds.

Gulkand is made from roses. It is delicious to eat as well as very beneficial for health. Gulkand is rich in vitamin C and B which keep the body cool. Consumption of gulkand can relieve summer health problems.

1- Most people have problems with hemorrhage in the summer season. To avoid this problem, consume 2 teaspoons of gulkand whenever you go out in the sun.

2- Consumption of gulkand is very beneficial for pregnant women. Consuming gulkand daily relieves the problem of constipation during pregnancy.

3- If you have blisters in your mouth, consume one teaspoon of gulkand every morning and evening. Doing so will heal the blisters on your mouth.

4- If you have forgetfulness, consume a teaspoon of gulkand with milk daily. Doing so will sharpen your mind and not get angry.

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