This woman became a millionaire in just Rs 200, luck turned overnight

Panna: A unique incident has come to light from Panna in Madhya Pradesh. Where a woman has received a precious diamond of 2.08 carats, due to which she has become a millionaire overnight. He had taken the mine on rent for only 200 rupees, in which he got a diamond worth 10 lakh rupees. Actually, this woman who becomes Lakhpati is Jasmine Devi, who lives in Itwan Kala of Panna.

The woman said that three months ago on February 23, she had got the lease of shallow diamond mine of Krishna Kalyanpur belt released. This mine was 4×4 meters, for which he had paid 200 rupees. On the same Tuesday, when I removed the soil from the mine, this diamond was found lying. The whole family is celebrating in the joy of receiving the diamond. The woman told- I never thought that my luck would change in this way. Till now people had heard and seen getting diamonds. But when I got the diamond, I could not believe it.

The woman said that this 2.08 carat bright diamond has been deposited by her husband at the diamond office. Officials say that Jasmine will get Rs. This diamond will be placed in the upcoming auction. Thereafter, Chameli Bai will get around 8 to 10 lakh rupees. Jasmine told that with the money received from this, she will buy a plot and build her own house. Because she has been living with her family in a rented house in Panna for 10 years. But till now the house could not be built. For this purpose, he had taken the lease of the diamond mine. He got the diamond.

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