Thorn pricking can give you infection, Know home remedies to treat it effectively

Jul 18 2019 09:18 PM
Thorn pricking can give you infection, Know home remedies to treat it effectively

Sometimes people are fond of walking in a garden or garden. There are a variety of plants, some of which are also plant forks, and sometimes they are stingy in the hands or feet. This prick of thorns causes unbearable pain and if the forks are not removed for a long time, it can also cause infection in the body. Are going to tell you about it. To deal with such a situation, you have come up with some home remedies that will be of great use to you. Let us know about them.

Jaggery and Celery
If a fork is pricked in the hand or leg, it takes a lot of effort to remove it and the pain is also very much there. But you can remove the fork without any hard work and suffering using jaggery and celery. For this, add the celery to a little jaggery and make the batter and soak it well in the fabric and tie it to the forked. This automatically emittes the fork.

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milk of figures
Put 3-4 drops of milk in the prickly spot with a needle and tie it. Doing so will come out without any hard work and pain only fork itself.

Use of asafoetida
If the fork is pricked in any part of the body, add two pinch of asafoetida to a little water to make the batter. Soak cotton in the batter and tie it for half an hour in a fork. By doing this treatment, the fork itself gets out and the pain is reduced.

Sesame oil and rock salt
Add rock salt to sesame oil and heat the mixture lightly. Then soak it well in cotton and place it in a pricked place and tie it with a bandage. Open the bandage after an hour without pain and the large rest will exit the fork.

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