Never came to Kashmir, those who are doing politics in Lakhimpur!

Srinagar: The political mercury over Kashmir is once again at its peak and a large number of Kashmiri Hindus and other communities have gathered on Saturday. All of them protested against the killings of Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir. People say that once the people who are working on Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh go to Kashmir and also convey the voice of the people there to the government, political parties are afraid to go there, lest the terrorists make them their victims!

Kashmiri Pandit Samiti officials had reached Jantar Mantar at 5.00 pm on Sunday and raised slogans against terror outfits.  At the same time, he has said that the government should constantly stop the attacks on Hindus, in which innocent lives are constantly being lost. People also say that people who kill people by asking for religion have no religion of their own, they are only terrorists and such people should be killed in encounters.

He further said that with 7 people killed in the last 23 days, a group of Kashmiri Hindus will now raise their voice against terrorist organisations and take to the streets to protest. There is an atmosphere of fear among the people living there. People are forced to stay confined in their homes. Women are not safe. For 32 years, Kashmiri Hindus have not been able to enhance permanent addresses. Kashmir women involved in the demonstration say that the situation has worsened and if this continues, the survivors will also leave Kashmir.

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