"Those who feel unsecure in India should be bombed,: BJP MLA Vikram Saini from Muzaffarnagar, UP

New Delhi: one more contentious statement was made by Vikram Singh Saini, BJP MLA from Muzaffarnagar who asserted that those who feel insecure in India should be bombed. He was Talking to media persons .The BJP MLA from Khatauli assembly constituency said  that if he gets a ministry then he will bomb all such people and added that not even one will be spared.

The BJP politician is not new to  erupt controversies .Last year he had stated that "Hindustan is for Hindus" . He also had said that Muslims should go to Pakistan demanding population control law. Saini had said that until a law on population control comes into existence, he has told “ his wife to keep producing children; even though she told him that two kids were enough”.

Post Amir Khan, Bollywood actor and theatre personality Naseeruddin Shah faced the anger of right-wing outfits after he stated that he fears for his children and added that in some states the killing of cows gains more importance over the killing of police.

Shah’s statement sparked  row and right-wing groups and online trolls suggested him to go to Pakistan and accused him of being a traitor.


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