Impact of Corona on Chinese cinemas, difficult to handle even after 20% layoffs
Impact of Corona on Chinese cinemas, difficult to handle even after 20% layoffs

Thousands of Chinese cinemas facing lockdown due to Coronavirus are in danger of being shut down. This information has been revealed in a recent survey conducted by the China Film Association (CFA), the China Film Distribution and Screening Association (CFDSA) and Leading Cinema Chain Wanda. Retrenchment has started within the industry.

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The figures revealed by this report, prepared on the basis of a survey of 187 theaters at the end of April, are going to give a disappointing number. More than 40% of theaters have faced difficulties due to the continuing impact of the epidemic. Looking at the Chinese cinemas and box office forecasts in the survey findings, we find that thousands of screens will be closed forever and a large number of jobs can also be lost.

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According to this survey, by the end of March, 20% of the staff had been laid off. Most of them are small or medium sized theaters, whose seating capacity is less than 1000. 42% of theaters are in danger of being closed forever. With only 10% of theaters, it is expected that it can start again with the change. The Chinese government has also said in one of its statements that where the risk of coronavirus is low, theaters can be reopened with reduced capacity and daily disinfecting measures. But it has not been implemented yet.

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