People took to the streets in support of Trump

Washington: Thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday to support President Donald Trump and protest against the results of the presidential election. A crowd of supporters began to appear at Freedom Plaza near the White House from Saturday morning, with a large crowd gathering till noon, to inform that an event was organized by Women for America First. A former Party worker, Amy Kramer, was handling the people. Kramer took permits for a crowd of 10,000 at the plaza on Friday, while officials at the National Park Service stationed near the event told The Hill that they were not keeping an eye on how big the crowd was. However, it did not cause any harm.

Thousands of people gathered: It has been learned that the people who were seen in the crowd had come with banners written 'Four more years,' Stop stealing 'and' We want Trump '. While White House press secretary and Trump campaign adviser Keile McKenney claimed on Twitter that more than 1 million people were in attendance, but most people were calling it a crowd in the thousands.

Trump had to face defeat: According to the information received, former President Donald Trump had to face defeat in the US elections. With Joe Biden's victory, his dream of becoming president again broke. Joe Biden shared his happiness with people after this victory.

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