3 horned bull goes viral, people shocked to see video

You must have often seen videos related to animals on social media that go viral fast. Some of these videos are cute and extremely fun, while some videos are so shocking that it makes it difficult to believe. Now one such shocking video is currently the talk of the town on social media. The video is linked to a bull. You can see not two but three horns on the bull's head in this video. Yes and everyone who saw this video was stunned. You can see that after watching this video, people are conscious and one user has even called it 'Forest God.'



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The video is currently going viral in the internet world. In this video clip, you can see a black bull standing in the forest with three horns visible on its head. The viral video is currently said to be from Uganda and is of an Ankole breed. The bull of this breed can weigh up to 730 kg. The video of this new and unique bull has been shared on the social media platform Instagram from an account called nature27_12.

The user captioned the video as "This three-horned Ankole bull found in Uganda.'' One user commented in surprise at the video and wrote, 'Oo brother, what is this... This is the first time I have seen something like this in my life.' On the other hand, another user says that if a calf is born with three horns, its horn is cut off at an early age. In that case, it has gone wrong with this bull. There are many such comments that have appeared in the video.

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